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When Will Your Pregnancy Start To Show?

pregnancy start to show

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Being pregnant is an incredibly exciting time, but it’s also a time of major change and big decisions. One of the first questions many expecting moms have is when pregnancy starts to show.

It’s normal to experience a range of emotions during pregnancy, from excitement to anxiety, and you may start to notice physical changes in your body soon after you become pregnant. But when does the world become aware of the little one growing inside you?

When will I start to show?

There is no definite answer to when your pregnancy will begin to show. It depends on a variety of factors, including your body type and how early or late you conceived. Generally speaking, you can expect to start showing around 12 to 16 weeks into your pregnancy. This is also usually the time many expecting parents decide the share the news with the world.

What causes a baby bump to show?

At this stage, your body is making a variety of changes to its physiology to support your growing baby. Your uterus is growing in size, pelvis-area ligaments are having to stretch, and your blood flow has increased. Additionally, your metabolism and hormonal balance are in flux which can cause exhaustion and physical changes such as weight gain, darkened nipples, and a pregnancy “glow”. Although some of these changes can be uncomfortable and unexpected, they are necessary to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Will I need to buy maternity clothes?

Once you start to show, you may also notice that your clothing size will change. You may find that some of your pants, shirts and dresses no longer fit properly. It is not always necessary to buy maternity clothes right away. You could also size up in stretchy leggings or buy some loose fitting dresses. This way, you could always still also wear them once you’re no longer pregnant.

No matter when you begin to see the physical signs of your pregnancy, it serves as a beautiful reminder of the path ahead and the amazing gift of life to come. This is the perfect time to start preparing yourself, both physically and emotionally, for the arrival of your newest family member.

Sascha Bruinsma

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