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Tips For Taking The Perfect Pregnancy Belly Shots

pregnancy belly shots

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If you’re pregnant, you may have heard of the fun activity of taking monthly belly shots to document your baby’s growth and development throughout your pregnancy. Taking belly shots are a great way to capture memories of your pregnancy and to help look back fondly on those precious moments. It can also be a way to share your progress with family and friends. To get the most out of your monthly belly shots, there are a few tips you can use to ensure you get beautiful photos every time.


Pick the perfect spot

First, set up a comfortable spot for taking your monthly belly shots. You may want to designate a spot in your bedroom where you can take your photos using a tripod, or have a special spot in the living room or a dedicated photo wall. Make sure you choose a spot with great lighting and a neutral background that won’t compete with the focus of your shot.


Be consistent

For your monthly belly shots, use the same outfit, pose, and angle every time. This will help you more easily compare the differences from month to month. The dressier the outfit, the better — maternity photoshoots tend to be a bit dressier. A solid colored shirt or dress that flows lightly over your curves makes for beautiful photos. As for the pose, keep your body evenly centered in the frame as much as possible and tuck your chin towards your chest slightly to elongate your neck. As for your angle, try to capture the moment fully by taking your photo from a slightly elevated angle.


Edit your photos

Finally, edit your photos to add an extra touch of memory-making magic. Try adding soft touches such as a subtle filter and a soft vignette. To save your photo’s light and color consistency throughout the months, keep the same editing settings.


Following these tips will ensure that your monthly belly shots are beautiful, and will give you a lasting memory of your pregnancy as your baby grows and develops.

Sascha Bruinsma

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