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Our mission

We believe that every moment of a pregnancy should be cherished. Our mission is to create a timeless keepsake for expecting parents to cherish during and after their pregnancy. 

We create beautiful, personalized ultrasound and birth posters that capture the anticipation, joy, and love experienced during pregnancy.

Our Original design, the one that started it all, transforms your ultrasound image into a timeless and classic art piece. The Duo does this too, but has room for two ultrasound pictures. Our Line Art design captures the beauty of the expectant mother in a modern and elegant way. Pair your ultrasound poster with one of our birth poster: The Name or The Welcome.

We strive to make our designs accessible to everyone. Therefore, we only offer digital posters. This way, we can keep our prices and environmental impact low. Digital posters provide you as a customer with great flexibility, as they can be printed on any paper size or thickness. In addition to that, they can be shared and accessed almost instantly, which is highly convenient.

Whichever design you choose or however you decide to use it, we hope to have helped you create a lifelong memory of that incredibly special journey from Bump to Birth.

Sascha Bruinsma

Founder Bump-to-Birth

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