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10 Easy Things To Do To Remember Your Pregnancy

remember your pregnancy

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Pregnancy is both an exciting and overwhelming time. With so much happening, it can be hard to keep track of everything. From care tips to special moments to look forward to, making sure you remember your pregnancy is no easy task.

To help preserve these special memories, here are 10 things to do to remember your pregnancy:

Take pictures

Picture taking is a great way to document your pregnancy journey and look back on it in the future. Take as many pictures of your pregnancy as you can, from belly shots to special activities you do with loved ones.

Write a journal

Capture your thoughts and feelings about your pregnancy in a journal. Include your hopes, anxieties and cherished memories to look back on in the years to come. If your not that much of a writer, you could consider tracking your pregnancy journey using an app.

Buy a special keepsake

A piece of jewelry, artwork or clothing item can be a special reminder of your pregnancy. Look for items that represent your unique experience, such as a digital poster with your child’s ultrasound or a painting that portrays the joys of motherhood.

Attend prenatal classes

Not only will prenatal classes help you feel confident and prepared for the birth of your child, but they also provide an opportunity to connect with other pregnant women and learn more about your pregnancy.

Track your appointments and milestones

Keep a calendar that tracks doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, baby-related milestones, and special events. This is a great way to look back on your nine months and remember each appointment and significant moment.

Capture special moments on video

Remember the magical moment of hearing your baby’s heartbeat or your ultrasound scan. Video record these precious moments to look back on time and time again.

Make your own scrapbook

Scrapbooking is an easy and fun way to remember everything about your pregnancy. Pick up a scrapbook kit from a craft store and gather items such as photos, cards, and souvenirs to include.

Hang a special pregnancy photo

Choose a photo you love and have it framed or hung on the wall. Pick a place where you can look at the photo to remember just how amazing your pregnancy journey was.

Paint a belly mask

Use nontoxic paints to document the special time in life that is pregnancy with a truly unique keepsake.

Talk to your baby

Interacting with your baby while they are still in the womb has many benefits, including forming a unique bond with your child. Talk to your baby as often as you like, as they will become familiar with your voice.

Remembering your pregnancy is an important step in bonding with your child. By taking the time to document your pregnancy, you can look back on your journey for many years to come.

Sascha Bruinsma

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